Tuesday, 04 September 2012, 02:09 GMT
Kurdish President visits Domiz camp
By The Kurdish Globe

Barzani hails Erbil Agreement as positive and unifying

Kurdistan Region's President Massoud Barzani visited the Domiz Refugee Camp in Duhok, where the displaced Syrian Kurds are settled, on Sunday, 2nd September, 2012.

President Barzani met with the refugee families and told them that they are not guests but rather in their own homes, Kurdistan.

He also promised that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will be doing its best in assisting them, reassuring them that they are in safe hands and hoping that in a very near future they can return to their homes with dignity and self-esteem.

Barzani said that in case the situation fails to return to normal by winter time, the KRG and the Duhok Governorate will make other arrangements for them and provide them with all the basic and required services.

Regarding the future of Syria, Barzani said that the Syrian nation will make the decision by itself and that Kurdistan Region will respect that decision. But what is important for the Kurdistan Region is the future of the Kurds in Syria who are still deprived of Syrian citizenship and basic human rights. Hence the existence of a democratic alternative is in the interest of both Syria and the Kurdish nation. The country needs to have a strong guarantee for their future, and for this purpose the Region is attempting with foreign nations and countries to provide this guarantee.

The Kurdish President also reiterated that unifying the Kurdish nation is a sacred issue and the Erbil Agreement signed by the Syrian parties is a positive and valuable step for unifying their actions and efforts for the purpose of guaranteeing a bright future for the Kurds in Syria. Hence there should in no way be any conflicts and disagreements among them. All of them should work for this future and have a strong relationship with the other nations, groups and components of the Syrian society.