Monday, 16 April 2012, 07:17 GMT
Divided ministries to unify in 45 days
By The Kurdish Globe

PM Barzani and his seventh cabinet meet for the first time

Prime Minister Barzani vowed a "full unification" of divided ministries in Erbil and Suleimaniya"in the near future.

Kurdistan Regional Government's Deputy Prime Minister, Imad Ahmad, announced that both the Finance and Interior ministries should be reunified within 45 days, putting an end to the last two divided ministries in the region.

Headed by Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, the new KRG cabinet met early last week for the first time. Later, Deputy PM Ahmad announced the details of the meeting at a press conference.

"Today we organized the first session of the seventh cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government," Ahmad told reporters. "The first decision we made was to unify the ministries of Finance and Interior within 45 days; we also established a committee for that purpose."

The only three ministries not yet unified in the KRG are ministries of finance, interior and Peshmarga. This decision is expected to solve the issue of the first two, but the latter was not addressed since, according to Ahmad, they are waiting for the Region's President Massoud Barzani to return from his visit to Europe and the U.S., as "he has supervised part of the works of this ministry, and this issue will be resolved when he comes back home."

"We have also decided to unify the Mine Action Committee. In short, there should not be any government institution with divided administrations."

Another topic of the session was the Region's 2012 budget, which the cabinet decided to discuss in more details and submit to Parliament later.

The session was also about those laws that have not been yet implemented properly, and a monitoring committee was established for the purpose.

During the session, the Prime Minister and his deputy assigned the ministers to prepare their respective action plan and submit it to the ministerial council so as to be discussed and improved with all the members of the council.

The members also addressed the issue of the internal procedures of the ministerial council and the necessity of its amendment and improvements, in a way that creates harmony and coordination between the council and the ministries and reduces the administrative bureaucracy among those institutions.

"We also decided to organize weekly council sessions in addition to other sessions in the shape of group meetings for the fastest resolutions of issues directly related to the lives of people in all aspects," explained Ahmad.

The council decided that the provincial council elections should be held in time, and that more power should be given to lower administrative units of the government and promote decentralization of power.

"Regarding the Integrity Commission, Parliament has decreed a law for the issue, and we have decided to establish this commission," Ahmad told media organizations. "Besides, each of the general appeal committee and financial audit committee should become more active."