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Phantom of a Previous War

"Phantom of a Previous War", a more recently produced Kurdish film directed by Hawre Mustafa and written by Hawre Mustafa and Awat Osman...

House in the Middle of River

In the center of the Drina River situated close to Bajina Basta, a town...
Death Triangle
"Death Triangle", directed and written by Adnan Osman, is a film that takes...
Hadi Zayaadini, an Eastern Kurdistan Artist
The Kurdish artist Hadi Zayaadini was born in the city of Sina in Eastern...
Shaqami Dr Qassimlu
"Shaqami Dr Qassimlu", or better known in English as "Dr Qassimlu Street",...
-Kurdish Film Review: "Kick Off" -Kurdish Artist Muhamad Arif ( 1937-2009)
-Curse of Mesopotamia -Zuher AbdulMasih: I played the role of a woman in the beginning of the drama in 1968
-Ferhad Pirbal, from Academy to Acting -The Kurdish film "Jiyan"
-My Sweet Pepper Land -First International Film Festival in Erbil
-First International Film Festival in Erbil -Kurdish Film Media Expanding
Ferhad Pirbal, from Academy to Acting
Brain Eating Fungus