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Kurdish Film Review: "Kick Off"

«Kick Off», directed and written by Shawkat Amin Korki, is a film that explores Kurdistan>s culture and modern history when it comes to or...

House in the Middle of River

In the center of the Drina River situated close to Bajina Basta, a town...
Death Triangle
"Death Triangle", directed and written by Adnan Osman, is a film that takes...
Hadi Zayaadini, an Eastern Kurdistan Artist
The Kurdish artist Hadi Zayaadini was born in the city of Sina in Eastern...
Curse of Mesopotamia
Mid- July is the beginning of the filming of the new movie "Curse of...
-First International Film Festival in Erbil -First International Film Festival in Erbil
-Kurdish Film Media Expanding -The 2nd Duhok International Film Festival begins
-Qacax Museum in Duhok -The Cuckoo's Calling: Author Revealed
-No one like people of Kurdistan respects me and my art -Art under attack show to feature damaged Christ statue
-Britney Spears Drops New Single
Ferhad Pirbal, from Academy to Acting
Brain Eating Fungus