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Kurdish film review: "Mardan"

"Mardan" is a Kurdish drama film directed and written by Batin Ghobadi; starring Hossein Hasan, Helly Luv, and Feyyaz Duman. The story...

Kurdish Film Review: Babamin Sesi
"Babamin Sesi" or "Voice of My Father" is a short, 88 minute feature drama...
Kurdish Film Review: Mandoo
"Mandoo", a Kurdish film directed by Ebrahim Saeedi, is a fiction feature...
Kurdish film review: "Klamek ji bo Beko"
"Klamek ji bo Beko", or "A Song for Beko" in English, is a Kurdish film...
Kurdish Movie Review: Mem- zin
"Mem- zin" or "Mem and Zin", directed by Umit Eli and released in 1991,...
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