Last updated: Sunday, 20 April 2014, 03:53 GMT

New Museum on Top of Erbil Citadel Perserves Kurdish Culture

Ten years prior, Kurdish anthropologist Lolan Sipan, started a small Kurdish carpet and textile museum in one of the last built mansions in...

Charshamba Soor- Yazidi celebrate the Red Wednesday
As I mentioned in one of my articles before that as Friday and Saturday are...
"Boringly Safe" in Kurdistani Iraq!
In part one of her report to Kurdistani Iraq, Alina l>Ami gave us a...
Yazidi Celebrate the Belende Feast
The Yazidi religion is consider one of the most ancient in the Middle East....
First Erbil Ski Festival
As part of the activities marking Erbil's selection as Arab Tourism Capital...
-Erbil International Book Fair of 2014 -Kurdistan Regional Government Minister delivers Newroz message at the United Nations
-A Kurdish teacher invented 'stenography' in Kurdish language for the first time - Democratization Process
-Yazidi Clergy men celebrate the Winter Feast -IFJ praises Kurdistan's Right to Information Law
-Mahabad Qaradaghi Interview -A Story of Challenging Social Stereotypes:
-Yazidis and Christians celebrate the Mawlid In Shingal with their Moslem brothers -Thanksgiving Day in Kurdistan and America
Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche
A Journey into Lalish Temple