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A magazine full of women? full of life

One of the magazines that came out on 8th of March, on the World Women Day, was the 8th issue of (Layla Qasim-Layla Zana) magazine, which...

The Kurdish Painter Daniel Qassab (1913 - 2000)
Daniel Qassab is a well-known Kurdish painter. In addition to painting, he...
The Kurdish painter Waleed Agha
The Kurdish painter Waleed Agha is a very professional artist when it comes...
The artist Madhet Kakayee between Kurdistan, Japan and Sweden
The artist, who was born in Kirkuk in 1954 in Southern Kurdistan and is...
The Kurdish painter Rostam Aghala
Rostam Aghala was born in 1969 in Koya and is a well-known artist in this...
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Half Moon