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The Kurdish painter Ako Gharib

Wherever they are, Kurdish artists constantly create works of art that witness the suffering of Kurdish people, the mountains, mass exodus,...

The Kurdish Painter Saiwan Sa'adiyan
Saiwan Sa'adiyan is a Kurdish artist who works in the domains of painting,...
The Kurdish Painter Ali Jola (1940- )
The Kurdish painter Ali Jola was born in 1940 in the city of Suleimani. He...
A Kurdish Artist in Netherlands builds a statue for Halabja Anniversary on his room's door
In 1994, a Kurdish artist who is an emigrant in Netherlands builds a statue...
The Kurdish painter from Western Kurdistan, Yahia Silo
The Kurdish painter from the Western Kurdistan,
Yahia Silo, was born in...
-The Kurdish Painter Rostam Zada -The Kurdish painter Waleed Agha
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-The artist Madhet Kakayee between Kurdistan, Japan and Sweden
Before Snowfall
Half Moon