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Zuher AbdulMasih: I played the role of a woman in the beginning of the drama in 1968

One of the most famous Kurdish artists and directors is a Christian person, but has always worked and contributed in drama and directed as...

First International Film Festival in Erbil
The first-ever Erbil Film Festival kicked off on Friday evening in Saad...
The Kurdish film "Jiyan"
"Jiyan" or "Life" as it's known in English is a Kurdish film written and...
Curse of Mesopotamia
Mid- July is the beginning of the filming of the new movie "Curse of...
My Sweet Pepper Land
"My Sweet Pepper Land" is a French-German-Kurdish film directed by Huner...
-Premier Barzani receives Beshkchi -First International Film Festival in Erbil
-Kurdish folk singer Abass Kamandi passed away -Bekas
-Suleimaniya needs 500 schools -Hawraman holds Pir Shalyar Festival
-Head of Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate participates in the Forum for MFD -Journalists Honored by America - Kurdistan Friendship Association
-Kurdish Film Media Expanding
Erbil Citadel Granted World Heritage Status
Half Moon