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The Artist Rebwar Saeed (1962 - )

The Kurdish painter Rebwar Saeed is a workaholic artist. He is very much obsessed with his art works, the Kurdish cultural life and the...

The Kurdish Painter Trifa Anwar (1970 - )
In Kurdistan, painting has been associated mainly with men, but there are...
The Kurdish Painter Ali Jola (1940- )
The Kurdish painter Ali Jola was born in 1940 in the city of Suleimani. He...
The Kurdish painter Qarani Jamil (1954 - )
The Kurdish painter Qarani Jamil comes from the city of Erbil in Southern...
The Kurdish painter from Western Kurdistan, Yahia Silo
The Kurdish painter from the Western Kurdistan,
Yahia Silo, was born in...
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Before Snowfall
Half Moon