Last updated: Sunday, 03 August 2014, 02:57 GMT

City of Hasankeyf in Northern Kurdistan is Under Threat

According to the 1975 census, the population of the city was about 4000 people, but due to the evacuation of the people because of the...

First International Film Festival in Erbil
The first-ever Erbil Film Festival kicked off on Friday evening in Saad...
Yazidi Celebrate "Cle Havine" Feast
Upon the completion of forty days fasting, the Yazidi religious figures...
The Kurdish Film "Jn"
"Jn," that is directed by the visionary Reha Erdem, is a film that takes a...
My Sweet Pepper Land
"My Sweet Pepper Land" is a French-German-Kurdish film directed by Huner...
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Erbil Citadel Granted World Heritage Status
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