Last updated: Sunday, 12 July 2015, 04:28 GMT

Financial crisis shuts down 6,000 projects in Kurdistan

A slowed and deteriorating economic climate in the Kurdistan Region has shut down thousands of development projects, according to a...

June report - KRG increases its direct oil sale

Kurdistan Regional Government, KRG, has increased its direct oil sale...
Why Foreign Businesses Should Invest in Kurdistan Again
After ISIS's advance last August, many foreign businesses withdrew from the...
Iraqi Kurdistan plans second oil export pipeline to Turkey
Iraq's northern Kurdistan region plans to build a second new oil export...
Traditional footwear thrives in Iraqi Kurdish town
Between pots of glue and scraps of cotton, Bahjat Majeed sits cross-legged...
-Kurdistan exports to hit 625K barrels by August -MNR Welcomes passage of Oil & Gas Revenue Fund Law through Kurdistan Parliament
-Kurdistan's battle with Baghdad over oil revenues -Kurdistan Oil and Gas Revenue Fund Law approved
-Kurdistan has world's 8th oil and gas reserves -Gas prices drop in Kurdistan
- Slumping Oil Price and the Political Consequences -Dohuk First to See International Five-Star Hotel
-Baghdad tries to increase oil exports from Kurdistan -Kurdistan oil exports to reach 500K by first quarter of 2015
-Kurdish oil exports to increase to 300,000-400,000 bpd in 2015 -OPEC, IS, oil games and plunging prices
-Kurdish Movie Review: Winterland
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Toyota net profit to double to $9.53 bln in 2012-13