Last updated: Sunday, 18 January 2015, 04:37 GMT

The US and UK vow to fight "poisonous and fanatical" ideology of the terrorists

Prime Minister David Cameron announced the move following talks with President Barack Obama at the White House, warning that they both...

'France will shout its love for liberty and tolerance. Come in numbers'
Up to a million people - including dozens of world leaders - will converge...
Fargo-Moorhead, Minnesota: a safe haven for Kurdish people?
Over the years, to escape the violence and the threat of Sadaam Hussien and...
Armenia's Yezidis Urge the World to Help their Community in Iraq
YEREVAN, Armenia - The Yezidi community of Armenia staged a demonstration in...
King of Saudi Arabia Warns ISIS Could Reach U.S. in 2 Months
The king of Saudi Arabia is warning that ISIS will reach Europe in one month...
-Islamic State commanders liable for mass war crimes, says the UN -EU delegation urges Baghdad to decentralize political and economic powers
-KRG condemns attack on Canadian Parliament -PM Barzani received Spanish Ambassador
-Germany sends medical team to treat Peshmarga forces -Canada keeps supplying Kurdistan with military aid
-President Barzani Welcomes UK Government Security Envoy to Kurdistan -UK parliament set to approve Iraq air strikes against Islamic State
-Kerry reiterates US support for the Kurdish Region -Hollande Pledges Continued Military Support for Kurds - S
-President Barzani Congratulates New Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi -Masrour Barzani meets US Senate's Armed Services Committee Chairman
-Deputy Prime Minister Talabani discusses security and humanitarian crisis with Canadian Foreign Minister
NATO Patriot missiles arrive in Turkey to counter Syria risks
ERT closure: Greek unions launch 24-hour protest strike