Last updated: Sunday, 09 November 2014, 02:59 GMT

EU delegation urges Baghdad to decentralize political and economic powers

Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani on Monday, November 3, 2014, received a European Union delegation headed by Mr. Hugues Mingarelli, the...

KRG condemns attack on Canadian Parliament
In a statement, the Kurdistan Regional Governemnt condemned the terrorist...
PNA - Chancellor Angela Merkel has told lawmakers that it's in Germany's...
Armenia's Yezidis Urge the World to Help their Community in Iraq
YEREVAN, Armenia - The Yezidi community of Armenia staged a demonstration in...
King of Saudi Arabia Warns ISIS Could Reach U.S. in 2 Months
The king of Saudi Arabia is warning that ISIS will reach Europe in one month...
-President Barzani Welcomes UK Government Security Envoy to Kurdistan -UK parliament set to approve Iraq air strikes against Islamic State
-Kerry reiterates US support for the Kurdish Region -Hollande Pledges Continued Military Support for Kurds - S
-President Barzani Congratulates New Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi -Masrour Barzani meets US Senate's Armed Services Committee Chairman
-Deputy Prime Minister Talabani discusses security and humanitarian crisis with Canadian Foreign Minister -Baird Visits Kurdistan Regional Government, Reiterates Canada's Support of Efforts Against ISIL
-President Barzani Welcomes Canada's Foreign Minister Baird -isis-mass-executed-up-to-770-iraqi-soldiers-new-eviden confirms
-Kurdistan Region President Welcomes US Senator Carl Levin -DAVID CAMERON URGES UK KURDS NOT TO TRAVEL TO FIGHT IS
-Steven Sotloff 'beheading': British captive shown in Isis video which claims to show death of second US journalist
NATO Patriot missiles arrive in Turkey to counter Syria risks
ERT closure: Greek unions launch 24-hour protest strike