Last updated: Sunday, 13 April 2014, 05:16 GMT

The Conference of Merging Four Parties in the Balance of Qamishlo!

The unifying conference of the four Syrian-Kurdish parties cast shadow over the public opinion in Qamishlo, dividing it between supporters...

Demirtas: PKK not involved in attack on Canoglu
After several unknown armed individuals attacked Canoglu, a village in...
The Turkish-Kurdish peace process at a critical juncture
As ever in the Middle East, the concept of destruction can take mere seconds...
Hassan Rohani, Iran's President Elect with 51.7 percent of votes
Iran's President elect, Hassan Rohani. Iran's Interior Ministry on Saturday...
US says it will give military aid to Syria rebels
The US is to supply direct military aid to the Syrian opposition for the...
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