Last updated: Sunday, 12 April 2015, 05:24 GMT

Kurdistan's battle with Baghdad over oil revenues

The Kurds' battle with the Islamic State has been more complicated by the halving of global oil prices over the past year and a dispute...

MNR Welcomes passage of Oil & Gas Revenue Fund Law through Kurdistan Parliament
The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) welcomes the passage of the Oil &...
MP asks for guarantee that Mosul Kurds will be protected
A Kurdish member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives says that the Iraqi...
Bodies of soldiers killed by Isis exhumed from Tikrit mass grave
Nine months ago, scenes of 1,700 captured soldiers being marched through the...
Nijaifi: Tikrit burned and looted after liberation
Usama al Nujaifi, the Governor of Mosul says in a statement that it is a...
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A long-term oil law, the making or breaking of Iraq
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