Last updated: Sunday, 12 October 2014, 03:27 GMT

British soldiers are training peshmerga forces in Iraq, says MoD

British soldiers are in Iraq and working close to the frontline of the fight between the Islamic State (Isis) and Kurdish fighters, the...

isis-mass-executed-up-to-770-iraqi-soldiers-new-eviden confirms
New evidence collected by Human Rights Watch shows that the mass executions...
Iraqi cabinet formation tough task for Abadi
The formation of Iraqi cabinet is a tough task ahead of Iraqi PM-designate...
Another Tragic Story: The Survival of Khidir Hassan Ahmed
Tragic stories are abundant in Shingal. Wherever you go you find people with...
Korek offers humanitarian aids to IDP
Korek Telecom continuously struggles to expand its humanitarian assistance...
-Germany sends medical team to treat Peshmarga forces -2014, a bloody year for Iraqis
-U.S. Distributes Educational Supplies and Toys for Internally Displaced Children -PAX Helps the IDP in Duhok
-Sharing the Iraqi government and self rule -US fighter jets bombed IS militants near besieged Kobane
-President Barzani Welcomes UK Government Security Envoy to Kurdistan -UK parliament set to approve Iraq air strikes against Islamic State
-Zaiton Tells Her Tragic Story After Fleeing from ISIS -After Iraq, West is obliged to support Syrian Kurds at the hands of IS
-President Barzani: Kurds won't give up self-determination right -Amid East's Turmoil, Kurdistan's Relations are Improving
-What can a good Kurdish government do for the economy?
A long-term oil law, the making or breaking of Iraq
No Social Contract left between Kurds and the Iraqi state