Last updated: Sunday, 28 June 2015, 07:07 GMT

Stirling Group expands training centre in Kurdistan

Stirling Group, a leader in Health, Safety and Environmental services, has made a significant investment in a new Middle Eastern training...

Yazidi survivors receive monthly salary from Iraqi Government
The Iraq's Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs approved the allocation of...
Iraq civilians pay heavy price due to violence
According to casualty figures released on May 2 by UNAMI, a total of 812...
Recognize Kurdistan and arm it, against ISIS in northern Iraq
In April, several members of Congress met with Kurdish, Christian, and...
Yazidi MP: We reject illegal Yazidi forces
A Yazidi member of the Kurdistan Parliament asserted that Yazidis are...
-Kuwait Consul General commenced work in Erbil -Shiite militia's retribution against Sunnis
-ISIS kills three Kurds with concrete blocks in Mosul -Two Million Refugees and IDPs in Kurdistan Region
-UNESCO celebrates opening of Tasloja secondary school for IDPs in Sulaimaniyah -"IS burned a woman alive for not engaging in an 'extreme' sex act," U.N. official says
-Iraqi militias start fighting back against IS in Ramadi -Terror suspects planned major bombings in Erbil
-Boosting the Economy In Wartime -Iraq is not united
-Ramadi underscores weakness of Iraqi state than real strength of Islamic State -The Shiia Popular Militia blocks the ways to Xurmato
A long-term oil law, the making or breaking of Iraq
The new battalions of Shabak Kurds are ready to fight IS