Last updated: Sunday, 02 November 2014, 03:05 GMT

ISIS mass execution at Mosul prison leaves 600 dead, mostly Shiites

Islamic State group militants systematically executed at least 600 Iraqi prisoners in a single massacre this summer in Mosul, according to...

isis-mass-executed-up-to-770-iraqi-soldiers-new-eviden confirms
New evidence collected by Human Rights Watch shows that the mass executions...
Iraqi cabinet formation tough task for Abadi
The formation of Iraqi cabinet is a tough task ahead of Iraqi PM-designate...
Bayan's escape lasted three days and nights
Tragic stories of Shingali people never end. Whenever one says that it is...
Korek offers humanitarian aids to IDP
Korek Telecom continuously struggles to expand its humanitarian assistance...
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-EU delegation urges Baghdad to decentralize political and economic powers -Joyful Memories
-ISIS: Wilderness Culture -The KRG to cooperate with USA to put an end to ISIS' oil smuggling
-ISIS arrests seven journalists in Mosul -UN Official: Stable Iraq is essential for Kurdistan
-Suspicious acts by Badr gunmen in Khurmatoo -Young Kurds Attend "One Young World" Summit
-Kurdish oil clients continue to increase -The Kurdish Parliament votes to send Peshmarga to Kobane
-Kurdish ministers took office in Baghdad, promise to solve issues
A long-term oil law, the making or breaking of Iraq
No Social Contract left between Kurds and the Iraqi state