Last updated: Sunday, 20 April 2014, 03:52 GMT

Over 7000 families displaced from Anbar and Suleiman Beik

According to Migration Office figures, around 3 500 families have fled violence in Saladin and sought refuge in Samarra, while another 1...

Numerous assassinations in Mosul, Kurds among victims
During February 2014 a total of 73 people were killed in Mosul City, among...
Iraq drowns in bloodshed
Violent attacks are still continuing in Iraqi mostly Sunni provinces such as...
Shi'ite fighters rally to defend Damascus shrine
"They are there for one purpose and that is to defend the shrine," he said,
Sunni protesters dig in as tensions flare in Iraq
"When we give up hope that the government can reform itself,
-After many false dawns, Kurdistan finally forms new government -Peaceful Elections
-Political parties agree to form new KRG cabinet - we need more effective freedom, constructive power of word
- No one can stop us from announcing the state of Kurdistan -President Barzani Meets US Ambassador Beecroft in Salahaddin
-New Museum on Top of Erbil Citadel Perserves Kurdish Culture -Erbil advances to final 16 in AFC Cup
-Political Map of the Iraqi Election -With cabinet formation, Iraqi national elections and Kurdistan provincial elections, April set to prove a crucial month for Kurdistan Region
-Cement industry first in Suleimaniya -1000 Foreigners visit Erbil Residency Eevery Day
-Tourism projects underway in Garmiyan -We will not be supplement to nobody!
A long-term oil law, the making or breaking of Iraq
No Social Contract left between Kurds and the Iraqi state