Last updated: Sunday, 29 March 2015, 04:02 GMT

Armenia to open its Consulate in Erbil

Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani received Mr. Levon Sargsyan, Ambassador-at-large and Special Envoy of the Armenian...

EU to open office in Erbil
In a meeting with a delegation from the Parliament of the European Union,...
Kurdistan has world's 8th oil and gas reserves
DOR Organization for Kurdistan Oil and Gas Information has recently...
Sunni elements should join the Iraqi troops in the battle to liberate Mosul
Barzani remarks that Sunni elements should join if there is a need for many...
Senator wants to establish an independent Kurdish state
The Kentucky Republican Randal Howard Paul, who is inching closer to a bid...
-Where is the Kurdish economy heading? -ISIS blocks residents from leaving Mosul
-The US between ISIS, Baghdad, Kurds and Iran -KRG reiterates support for Turkey peace process
-Barzani's message persuades Kobani people go home -As oil deal with Baghdad threatens to unravel, Kurdistan must decide - is oil to be their curse or treasure?
-Support the War Effort By Keeping Kurdistan Clean -As Iranian commander and Shiite militias spearhead attack on Tikrit, more questions than answers emerge from Iraq
-IS militant who beheaded Hujam Surchi murdered in Mosul -Mirani: fighting IS is all Iraqis' responsibility
Kurdistan sends medicines to Hasaka
Is there the best economic solution for us?