Last updated: Sunday, 20 April 2014, 03:31 GMT

No one can stop us from announcing the state of Kurdistan

Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani announced that federalism has come to an end in Iraq and now confederation is the best...

Premier Barzani plants "tree of hope"
"Today like other days of Spring, we are together at happy and unhappy...
Political parties agree to form new KRG cabinet
The KDP, CM and KIG have agreed to form the KRG cabinet, while the PUK and...
Peaceful Elections
It seems that all the political parties in Kurdistan have responded...
Kirkuk destiny vague after parliamentary elections
The disputed areas, and the city of Kirkuk in particular, have been a core...
-President Barzani and KRG congratulate Christians for Eid al-Qiyama
-Duhok earns fifth Iraqi basketball league title
-Charshamba Soor- Yazidi celebrate the Red Wednesday
-Duhok earns fifth Iraqi basketball league title
-1000 Foreigners visit Erbil Residency Eevery Day
-AK party wins local elections, gaining over 45% of the votes
-From Brazil to Kurdistan, Roberta is here for a cause "I want to see an independent Kurdistan one day"
-Kurdistan Regional Government Minister delivers Newroz message at the United Nations
-Tourism projects underway in Garmiyan
-Erbil International Book Fair of 2014
- we need more effective freedom, constructive power of word
-Premier Barzani plants "tree of hope"
-Erbil advances to final 16 in AFC Cup
-Kurdistan squad selected
-Qacax Museum in Duhok
-The Cuckoo's Calling: Author Revealed
Rule of Law ties politics to law and right
we need more effective freedom, constructive power of word