Monday, 16 April 2012, 08:17 GMT
2011 sports poll results released

This picture shows the winners of 2011 Sports poll. / GLOBE PHOTO/Ardalan Qader

The Kurdish Globe

"We are pleased to release the 2011 sports poll results.

Winners of 2011's best sports clubs, athletes and sports journalists in Erbil province were recently selected in a poll. The results of the poll, which was organized by the Kurdistan Democratic Youth Union, were announced April 4 in a ceremony where winners received awards.

Voters in the poll included coaches and captains of Kurdistan sports clubs and sports journalists in Erbil province.

Rozhgar Qadir, head of Erbil Sports Department at the KDYU, said, "We are pleased to release the 2011 sports poll results. This year, the poll was performed directly and transparently so as to give a chance to all coaches and captains of Kurdistan sports clubs and sports journalists in Erbil province to make their choices."

Over the last decade, KDYU has played a significant role in gathering soccer teams under its umbrella. It organized tournaments and provided teams with uniforms and equipment. The union has conducted three annual sports polls. "We will continue conducting this type of poll because we think respecting and awarding the best athletes and journalists is part of our duty."

Because football is the most popular game in Kurdistan, the voters, regardless of other games, focused mostly on those who were either footballers or had something to do with football. In the goalkeeper category, Sarhang Muhsin, Erbil FC goalkeeper, led the poll of Kurdistan's best goalkeeper.

"I am very pleased to be chosen as the best goalkeeper. I believe the voters understand well that keeping a goal of a team like Erbil FC in the Iraqi league is tougher and harder than being a goalkeeper of a modest team in Kurdistan league, since the nature of both leagues are different and the teams play against Erbil FC own stronger forwards," said Muhsin.

Sport programs on Kurdistan television have successfully attracted large audiences on a regular basis, especially on weekends when famous European football leagues are on show. The creation of a dedicated audience and systematic viewing patterns has enabled the media to maintain its role as a familiar aspect of "everyday life."

Today in Kurdistan, Aso, a local sports television channel, which launched on October 10, 2005, continues to draw a large number of sports fanatics by regularly broadcasting an almost identical variety of sports. In the poll, Aso was selected as the best channel in transmitting local sports activities, especially European leagues. The director was disappointed that his channel did not also won the title of best channel for transmitting matches directly.

According to poll results, other bests include the following: best club president, Hakim Jamal, who heads Handren club; best sports personality, Tariq Abdulrahman, who heads Brusk FC; best coach, Abdulsamad Jawhar, who trains Handren FC; best player, Kosrat Bayz who plays for Erbil FC; best referee, Muhammad Hussein; best sports correspondent, Saman Suleiman, Kurdistan satellite channel correspondent; best sports analyst, Arsalan Abdullah, who writes for "Hawler."