Tuesday, 02 October 2012, 02:47 GMT
Galaxy phone wins Kurdish buyers' satisfaction

A man uses his Galaxy 3 cell phone in front a phone shop in Erbil./GLOBE PHOTO/Zakariya Muhammed

The Kurdish Globe

Galaxy buyers have increased dramatically since six months ago.

With all of the legal drama between Apple and Samsung, people are comparing the Galaxy S3 and IPhone 4 against each other in every imaginable field. And with these two handsets dominating the competition, it is no surprise that buyers want credible evidence to indicate which device they should purchase.

Consumers, more so than developers, want hands on practical tests done for these devices, to help them decide which handset may be better suited for their lifestyle. People in Kurdistan aren't sure one hundred percent which handset is better to buy since there are some specifications in Galaxy that are not available for the iPhone and vice versa.

Since Apple Company is the producer of iPhone, all the spare parts are expensive and hard to get. The parts of IPhone generally are stronger and hard to break. But people should expect to pay a lot to replace a cover for IPhone for example.

"I like IPhone, as the parts are strong and its design is very proper to carry and make phone calls. But I have to be very careful not to drop it. I paid $50 to replace a cover one time," said Gailan Sirwan, a 21-year old boy resident of Erbil.

According to Sardar Hamad, a salesman at Nazo Company for Cell phone trades in Erbil, Galaxy buyers have increased dramatically since six months ago.

"The spare parts of Samsung products including Galaxy Phones are easy to get and are very cheap compared to iphone. One can get a Galaxy phone cover for only five bucks, so people are not worried if their Galaxy cover by any means is broken." Said Hamad

Despite strong competitions between iphone and Galaxy, Hamad said that the buyers of Galaxy have been boosting and new generations have realized what they can do with iPhone, can be done with Galaxy too.