Monday, 21 May 2012, 08:18 GMT
Erbil FC releases Obode


The Kurdish Globe

Obode is a skillful forward player, who is good with both legs.

Nigerian forward Efe Obode was sacked by Erbil Football Club after less than a year. Erbil decided to discharge Obode after coaching staff members were not satisfied with his performances in the domestic league and AFC Cup.

"Obode is a good player, but he was not able to satisfy the coach. He wasn't able to put into practice on the field what he was asked by the trainers," said Mahmud Aziz, Erbil club secretary.

One of the reasons behind Obode's lack of success with Erbil, according to Aziz, was a morale issue. "He was away of his family. He felt lonely and uncomfortable. His psychological state reflected in his performances," said Aziz, noting Obode was fully paid before leaving the club and his contract was officially terminated.

When asked if the absence of Obode will affect Erbil negatively, Aziz said: "I don't think we are going to face any difficulties due to having several players who can fill Obode's place."

Obode is a skillful forward player, who is good with both legs. He is also a skilled crosser of the ball, and an intelligent player who have been a great asset to the clubs he played for. He has played for Bussdor FC, Globe Star FC, Union Bank FC and Delta United FC in Nigeria; Coke Bangpra FC in Thailand; and Tishreen FC in Syria.