Tuesday, 10 July 2012, 08:07 GMT
Twitter makes dreams come true

Children from Mali Khanda, Erbil's orphanage taking a tour in Erbil International Airport./GLOBE PHOTO/Sazan M.Mandalawi

The Kurdish Globe

It was the first time he had ever seen a plane in real life.

Earlier this week, 18 young boys and girls from Mali Khanda, Erbil's orphanage, had an exclusive private visit to Erbil International Airport.

"This all started with a single tweet," said Sazan Mandalawi. "I visited the kids and two of them started telling me about their dream to see a plane in real life. They began to ask questions like
The children went through the security, passport sections and even the gates before going on the transfer bus and then entering a Zagros Airline plane.

Ashna Shareff, one of the volunteers who escorted the children to the airport wrote her experience on a blog entrance the same day, "One of the kids was jumping from happiness, telling other kids that someday he is going to become a pilot, another was holding my hand terrified to get on to the plane."

During the visit to the airport the children were treated like any traveler going through the security sections, passports and then the gates. They were then guided by a few volunteers and the airport staff to a bus taking them onboard a plane. The children had a chance to discover the plane, the traveling experience and look into the pilots own little room.

"One of the boys who is around 10 years old, it was the first time he had ever seen a plane in real life. He sat in the seat after discovering the surrounding, then buckled his seat belt and exclaimed: Lets fly!" explains Mandalawi.

"This was emotional for me, as happy as I was to see the kids see something in real life that they had always perceived as a plane dream was warming, but right then I wished that we could actually take off and fly." She laughs adding, "I should have tweeted that. You never know the power of Twitter, even in Kurdistan."