Wednesday, 15 August 2012, 05:20 GMT
The Region's top student talks about his dreams

Andaz Najat Mohammed successfully completed his 12th grade exams and got the top grade across all the Kurdistan Region in the scientific section./GLOBE PHOTO/Sleman Tashan

The Kurdish Globe

A small room on the first floor of a 100 square meter in Zanko Quarter in Erbil, is the place where Andaz Najat Mohammed made his future.

Mohammed successfully completed his 12th grade exams and got the top grade across all the Kurdistan Region in the scientific section.

In a late evening and after conducting a number of interviews with journalists, Mohammed accepted to conduct an interview with the Kurdish Globe.

Globe: Were you expecting to become the Region's top student?

Mohammed: I have always been a smart student and I expected to be among the top 10 students, but expecting to be the number one is not easy.

Globe: Have you had a specific plan for studying?

Mohammed: Of course I had my program. I was studying 6 to 8 hours on normal working days, but during the exams I was studying 15 hours per day.

Globe: How were you managing your time?

Mohammed: We were at school from 08:00 am to 02:00 pm. Hence we were left with a very limited time. When I was arriving back home, I was having my lunch and take a rest till 06:00 pm. Then I was studying till midnight. I was taking a short break of 5 to 10 minutes every hour. I was trying to finish the human science courses and those that needed to be learnt by heart till 09:00 pm, and then I was moving to the applied sciences.

Globe: When did you start to have a firm plan for studying?

Mohammed: I set my plan before the 12th grade. I used to have a simple plan for studying. I had time to visit my friends and relatives, but I never allowed lagging behind my studies.

- English language expert

Mohammed, who is 18 years old, spends sometimes, especially in weekends, watching an English movie with Arabic subtitle as an attempt to learn both English and Arabic. His language development started when he attended an English language course when he was at the 10th grade and he scores highest among the attendants. He had taken numerous language courses at the Roj School, the previous name for Fakhir Mergasoori International School.

Globe: How were you admitted into this private school [Fakhir Mergasoori International School]?

Mohammed: When I finished my elementary school, I scored 97%, and liked to go to this school. When they conducted the admission test, I attended and was admitted.

Globe: Did you have a specific diet plan?

Mohammed: 12th grade students need more energy for studying. If ordinary people were having three meals, I was having six meals. I was eating every three hours.

Globe: did you have time for exercise and going out?

Mohammed: I play basketball and swimming. Every Thursday afternoon I was going out with my friends for 4 to 5 hours and we were spending a good time. That was very useful because if one studies all the time, he will get tired and bored.

Globe: How was the scientific level of your friends?

Mohammed: We were four friends. One of them, whose name is Pavel Mirza Aziz, got the third grade all over Kurdistan. My other friends, Darin and Barzin, also scored very high.

Professor at medicine

Mohammed wants to study medicine and then be specialized in diagnosing and curing diseases. His goal is to study till the highest academic degree. However, since Kurdistan lacks the labs where the deadly diseases are researched and tested, Mohammed likes to pursue his studies in an international university abroad. So, he requests that the government gives better chances to the students to benefit from the Human Capacity Development Program.

Globe: Did anyone promise to give you a scholarship abroad?

Mohammed: Medicine is in English language and I like to study it in countries like United States or United Kingdom.

Globe: There are a lot of physicians who have forgotten the poor people and only see money. Would you promise to become the physician of the poor?

Mohammed: It is an honor for me to become a physician who can help his nation and country. I also have complaints about those physicians who charge high rates for curing diseases. I will definitely not be such a physician and my dream is to cure poor people's diseases for free.

Globe: To what extent were you listening to your instructors?

Mohammed: Class understanding is very important. If I didn't understand something the first time, I would ask my teachers to repeat it more than once. I was even going to see my teachers outside the class and was asking questions. Then I was recalling the information at home once again.

Globe: How were your exam results?

Mohammed: Math, Biology, Chemistry and Physics 100%; Kurdish, Arabic and English 99%.

Globe: What were you doing during summer vacations?

Mohammed: I was studying Arabic, Kurdish and biology, so as to have more time for the scientific courses during school time.

A clever family

Mohammed has three brothers. His younger brother is studying at Mohammed's school and he is very clever as well. He has an older brother who is an electrical engineer and is planning to go to Florida to study masters. His other brother is a mechanical engineer and works at the Mass Power Station. His father is teaching at an industrial school and his mother has been a government employee, but is now retired.

Globe: Who has helped you the most?

Mohammed: My mother has helped me a lot in achieving this result. She retired herself to teach us at home. She started to teach me English language before I go to school. I am very proud of her, and thank her from the depth of my heart for helping us reach this level.

Globe: What is your message for the students?

Mohammed: I want to tell them that they need to have a plan in their lives and do their homework in time. If they did not understand something, they should ask their teacher to repeat it for them. I would also like to ask them to allocate part of their time to rest, because brain needs a break and time to rest.

Globe: What is your last message?

Mohammed: I would like to thank my teachers who have assisted me a lot. I wish them all the best.