Monday, 11 June 2012, 08:16 GMT
Lina Alzaeem: Turkish series have knocked at the doors of every home

Syrian writer and actress Lina Alazeem poses for a photo./GLOBE PHOTO

The Kurdish Globe

Syrian actress and writer talks with the Globe

Lina Alzaeem, a young and pretty Syrian actress with a strong personality, is a well-known name in Syrian showbiz.

Being a quiet person is reflected in her works, which have attracted many admirers. She has worked in the fields of comedy, tragedy and social films through the roles she has played in various movies and series.

Alzaeem argues that among her family members, only her uncle was an initial obstacle to her career but her persistence and desire won through allowing her to become an actress that the whole of Syria can now be proud of.

Below is the interview with Alzaeem:

Globe: Is beauty a factor for success for and for an actress?

Alzaeem: Unfortunately beauty is the best way for one to become a star.

Globe: In which aspect you think you are most successful, theatre, comedy, tragedy?

Alzaeem: In all aspects I can be successful, because I love all of them.

Globe: You have acted in a lot of series including 6 Stars, 7 Stars and The Hero of this Era. In which series your role better reflects your own personality?

Alzaeem: All the roles are far from my real life and personality.

Globe: Who chose that you play a role in a Saudi series?

Alzaeem: Everything is the will of the director.

Globe: What does Sham mean for you?

Alzaeem: Sham is happiness and passion. It is the city of the most renowned poet "Nazar Qabbani". Who doesn't fall in love with a city where Qabbani is born?

Globe: What best describes Lina Alzaeem, a selfish woman, a romantic woman or one with a bright future?

Alzaeem: A romantic woman with a bright future.

Globe: Which Syrian artists have supported and encouraged you to become an actress?

Alzaeem: Many of them including Ayman Zedan and Tallat Hamdi.

Globe: Among your family members, has there been anyone preventing you from becoming an actress?

Alzaeem: Thank God, nothing like that has happened.

Globe: We have heard that you write articles sometimes. Are those about your own life or your society?

Alzaeem: I read a lot and love reading. And not necessarily whatever I write is about myself, but generally about my society.

Globe: What is your opinion about those Turkish series translated into Arabic?

Alzaeem: Those Turkish series have knocked at the doors of every home and attracted majority of people. Many times people love those who play roles in the doubling of those series. That is why I am also willing to participate in the doubling of the Turkish series.

Globe: Some people say that your uncle Wafiq Alzaeem, was against the idea of you becoming an actress. Is that correct?

Alzaeem: With all my love and respect to my uncle, but since we are from a well-known family in Damascus and were very cautious, he did not like this idea, but as I defended myself and my decision to become an actress a lot, he did not object either.

Globe: What is your opinion about love?

Alzaeem: Love is a very beautiful and bright imagination. It is very difficult for me to define it in couple words.

Globe: Among the old and modern singers, to whom you listen more?

Alzaeem: The old ones Abdel Halim Hafez, and the modern ones Tamer Hosny, Fazal Shakir, Majida al-Rumi and George Wassouf.

Globe: What kind of food do you like and what is your horoscope?

Alzaeem: I like fish and all kinds of salads. My horoscope is Leo.

Globe: What is your last word?

Alzaeem: Thank you for the interview.