Thursday, 17 May 2012, 08:44 GMT
Response to Michael Rubin and His Masters

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A close source to the Kurdistan Region Presidency

(They resort to defamation and fabrication due to their moral and political bankruptcy)

Some individuals and some entities have, for a period now, been attempting to attack the experience of the Kurdistan Region, using poor tools and away from values and morals in order to satisfy their sickened souls.

Michael Rubin and some other likeminded individuals have been trying to publish misleading facts, far from good values and morals, in particular about the recent visit of President Barzani to the United States and other countries in an attempt to minimize the importance of the visit.

These are often the same individuals who have consistently tried to publish allegations and lies following each visit of President Barzani including the recent important visit to the United Arab Emirates.

Unfortunately these individuals are taking advantage of some media outlets in the region which have become, either intentionally or inadvertently, foot soldiers for this evil group.

Somebody such as Michael Rubin who was formerly a professor at Sulaimaniyyah University and was expelled from that post because of sexual harassment against his students, is unable to prove anything against his critics and has denied all their resources to simply satisfy his psychological complexities against the Kurdistan Region.

Defaming content against some members of the Barzani family such as claiming that there were incidents of gambling is nothing but a slander and indeed far from values and principles.

It may interest the readers to know that most of the Gulf countries prohibit gambling as it is legally not permissible. So fabrications such as that cannot be accepted by any sane person except morally weak persons such as Michael Rubin.

Publishing such lies is indeed a declaration of the writers? moral and political bankruptcy, leaving them stripped of anything other than publishing these fabrications.

Such actions are mere personal attacks without any real proof of the events. Media outlets are therefore ought to rely on credible sources and not the allegations of low-life individuals.

A close source to the Kurdistan Region Presidency