Tuesday, 02 October 2012, 02:44 GMT
Business and Entertainment Guide about Kurdistan underway

Business and Entertainment Guide Team Anna Hirtenstein, Emma Goldsmith and Simrina Pangli pose or a photo with a selection of their eBiz Guides at the Khanzad Hotel, Erbil, September 30, 2012. /GLOBE PHOTO

The Kurdish globe
Zakariya Muhammed

"On one hand, we present the reality of Kurdistan, covering its economic diversity,

An editorial company, that has over 10 years of experience producing specialized guides and has so far produced over 38 guides worldwide, is currently compiling information and knowledge on the Kurdistan Region in order to make a business and entertainment guide.

The concept of the editorial company, eBiz Guides, is to integrate all necessary information concerning business and investment opportunities, as well as inform the reader of top-quality tourism and entertainment throughout the country. Thus making eBizGuides, the perfect companion for every businessman and tourist alike, who is seeking a wide spectrum of opportunities within Kurdistan. Not only does it provide relevant and up-to-date information on the country, the main economic sectors and its main players, but it also serves as a practical tool for getting to know, living, and enjoying the country.

"We will be preparing this first edition of eBiz Guide Kurdistan over the next few weeks and will be analysing many of the potential opportunities and competitive advantages that Kurdistan presents. We will do this by conducting interviews with many of the top personalities of both the public and private sectors in order to showcase the visions and aspirations of both political and business leaders of the country, "said Emma Goldsmith, Guide Director

Goldsmith thinks now is a crucial moment for Kurdistan as the country has recently experienced record growth rates and has an expected minimum 10-12% growth rate for the coming year. "This, along with the many incentives and legal guarantees offered by the Kurdistan Regional Government to foreign investors seeking opportunities within the country are likely to generate significant results in developing and positioning it as an excellent location for doing business,"

Although both The New York Times and National Geographic named Kurdistan among their top-rated places to visit last year due to the country's rich historical and archeological sites, the region does however face several challenges due to the ongoing instability and the negative perception that has long been portrayed on the international arena.

This guide is thought to be helpful for dissipating fears and anxieties of those who don't trust to come to Kurdistan either for business or tourism purposes.

"On one hand, we present the reality of Kurdistan, covering its economic diversity, the particularities of each sector, and providing information on the leading companies of the countries. On the other hand, The company wants, through the guide, to show the region's unique tourism and entertainment potential, highlighting the most authentic and significant destinations," said SimrinaPangli, market and Client associate at the eBiz Guides

According to Pangli, the company's mission focuses on creating a favourable climate to get investors, institutions and businesses, to commit to the region's development. Its motto is clear: "All you need to know for Business and Entertainment".

Each eBiz Guide is carefully produced by a team of professionals who get first hand information from the market they are investigating. Their sources are CEOs and presidents of the main companies of the country or region as well as the ministers, prime ministers and president.

"Local journalists, Chambers of Commerce, Foundations, Embassies, Opinion Leaders and professional associations are other sources we use to prove our commitment with quality. Our commitment is to analyze what we see. Through in-depth face-to-face interviews, we get the most updated, credible, and direct information about the region we want to promote," noted director Goldsmith.

The guide's content consists of three parts: Introduction, Business, and Entertainment. In the Introduction part, the region's profile and general information are shed light on. In the Business section, necessary information is provided about the top 100 companies, Business resources, investment and legal framework, Economy, Finance, Energy, Industry and Trade, Real Estate and Construction, Information Community Technology, Tourism Industry, Transportation and Public Services, Agriculture and Company index.

The Entertainment part tells the readers about City information, regional information, Where to go, Where to stay, what to see and do, and Top recommended itineraries.

"We may be able to publish the Guide about Kurdistan in late March 2013. The Guide can be translated in to other languages in order to meet the communication needs of the largest number of people," divulged Goldsmith

The Guide also can be uploaded to devices such as: iFone and iPAd since it has been found out that 50% of the readings are done through mobile applications.

"When the investors and tourists visit Kurdistan the guide will help them know the places and where to go. What the legal system is for those who want to do business or to make investment." said Goldsmith.