From the heart of Kurdistan Region

The Kurdish Globe is a weekly newspaper printed in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. It is currently being distributed in nearly all main Kurdish cities of Iraq including Dohuk, Suleimaniya, Kirkuk, Erbil and a number of small Kurdish localities.

The paper will in the near future be distributed in greater Iraqi cities such as Baghdad, Mosul, and Basra etc. There are also plans to distribute the paper in major European cities. At present the paper can be delivered to offices and home addresses across the world.

The paper in its PDF format has been available since its start, April 31, 2005. It has a readership of more than 40000 per week.

The printed Kurdish Globe deals primarily with the Kurdish issues and news. It tries- within the context of fair and balanced reporting- give an accurate account of what is taking place in Kurdish inhabited areas, where Kurds call Kurdistan and which includes Turkey's southeast, Iran's west, Syria's east and Iraq's northern regions. It tries to give a Kurdish perspective on issues that concern Kurds, but it also endeavors to reflect what is being said in mainstream Kurdish debate about non-Kurdish issues.

The online Kurdish Globe, which was launched in September 2006 provides online services, Kurdish as well as international news, reports, analyses and images.

It is updated every day seven days a week.