“The Face of Ash” Takes Part in International Festival

The film ‘The Face of Ash’ written and directed by Shakhawan Idrees took part in Orthodox Film Festival held in Russia. 20 Feb 2017


The surrealism painter Jamal Hamad Ameen

The Kurdish artist and painter Jamal Hamad Ameen was born in 1974 in Erbil. He studied primary and secondary schools in the city. His hobby for art and painting emerged when he was 20 Feb 2017


Kurdish films astonish Iraqi and Egyptian artists

The Second International Anti-Terrorism Cinema Forum ended its work on February 2nd 2017 in Erbil and the winning films were announced. Microphone, 13 Feb 2017


The Young Kurdish Painter Rawand Jaafar

The Young Kurdish Painter Rawand Jaafar Rawand Jaafar is a young Kurdish painter born in Erbil in 1993. 13 Feb 2017


A Kurdish director can’t take part in festival because of Trump

Hussein Hassan, the Kurdish director, following the US visa halt, will not be able to participate in Miami International Film Festival. 6 Feb 2017


The Kurdish Painter Azad Hama Rasool

Azad was born in Sulaimani. He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in 1986. He’s one of the artists who has been continuously working and carrying out his art activities in Kurdistan and Norway where he’s living now. 6 Feb 2017


The Scholar’s Union calls for banning the film “Mohammad: The messenger of God” in Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Islamic Scholar’s Union calls on halting ‘Mohammad: The messenger of God’ film in one of Erbil’s cinemas, stating that the film has been produced in Iran and is being shown in Kurdistan without referring back first to the KRG’s religious scholars 30 Jan 2017


The Kurdish Painter Osman Qadir

Osman Qadir is a famous Kurdish artist who’s been documenting the Anfal and genocide of Kurdish people for 20 years into a project and gained PhD through it. Osman Qadir Ahmed was born in Sulaimanya. 30 Jan 2017


The Kurdish Artist Avan Sadeeq

The Kurdish painter Avan Sadeeq is one of the woman artists who has continued to perform her art activities in Kurdistan as well as Germany. She’s now studying in Mainze College of Fine Art 23 Jan 2017


Second International Anti-Terrorism Cinema Forum in Erbil

On 1st of February, the second international anti-terrorism cinema forum, with the presence of many Kurdish and foreign actors and filmmakers, will start its activities showing at least 27 films. 23 Jan 2017



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