Apology and Resignation from my post as Editor in Chief of ‘The Kurdish Globe’

Gazi Hassan 
Professionalism in media, before anything else, is commitment, duty and moral. I’ve been directly practicing journalism since 1991, during my journalism life, I’ve totally believed in respecting everyone and preserving every party’s rights, and I’ve never let myself to downgrade anyone, or to publish mistaken and untrue information, besides, I’ve always supported professionalism in journalism, meaning that I’ve considered truth-telling, trustworthiness, preserving social security and feeling the responsibility as principle of this sacred duty. 
In the weekly newspaper, The Kurdish Globe, a journalistic report, which included bad intentions, defaming the reality and exploitation. As the editor in chief, even if I am not directly responsible for preparing this topic, but I feel deeply forested and despair on how the topic has passed through me. 
It’s true that I have no relation with the content and intention of the report, the only relation that I’m responsible for, is as Editor in Chief, and the trust that I have placed in a friendly manner with my colleagues. Hereby, I call my responsible, as Editor in Chief, and resign from my role in the newspaper in which attempts to defame the realities has been published. During my period of working as a journalism, I’ve never intended to defame the reality or defame the personality of any leader, or a simple ordinary person. But unfortunately, in the English written Kurdish Globe, a doubtful and inappropriate topic was published in a very critical and sensitive and crucial time, it’s not important how, why, who and for what reason the made-up report was prepared? But what is important is that, It’s not possible that while I’m in charge somewhere that untrue topics, defaming personalities and leaders of people and doubt-making have passed through.
Because of the mentioned reason, considering my honor in journalism, to offer my apology for the mistake that happened to the relevant actors, and apologize for role of the owner and Editor in chief of the Kurdish Globe. I know that human make mistakes, but the important thing is to address the mistake, which I think by my resignation at least I will be carrying out my moral and professional commitment, even if couldn’t undo what happened. 


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