The surrealism painter Jamal Hamad Ameen

The Kurdish artist and painter Jamal Hamad Ameen was born in 1974 in Erbil. He studied primary and secondary schools in the city. His hobby for art and painting emerged when he was 10. He started painting naturally based on his hobbies and self-improvement, which is influenced by the world in which he found suitable to continue pursuing his art. His views about the artwork and the Kurdish artists made him improve his work and start from the beginning. The attention of the world’s artists was another factor for improvement of his work and art capabilities. Jamal, in accordance to his abilities, has received the art work from the academic stage as a basic science, that’s why we can see in his latest show that he’s demonstrated the surrealism as his main art works . The art school is not easy for any artist to adapt it profoundly, because surrealism has come following the academic schools of realism and impressionism. Surrealism was born at a time when all the society was made hopeless into dreams and fantasy as a result of the world wars, which forced the world’s artists to make a change in art. A large group of artists worked in this field, one of them was Salvador Dali. Jamal Hamad Ameen saw the beautiful world of surrealism school in Kurdistan and moved the topics into the school. So is our world is the same dream of school to Jamal, because the catastrophes and events in Kurdistan are seen in the paintings.As instruments, he used oil colors, acrylic and he’s used other means such as design, graphic and water color. The large measures of his works such as 3 and 4 meters give significance to his works. As far as form is concerned, it’s the world where suffering of his people has started and grown, so as a Kurdish artist, he created the paintings in the Kurdish surrealist world. Shingal is another theme for Hamad Ameen in which he’s shown a special word in a surrealist form. Our understanding indicates that the events too are surreal, what made the artist to imply the catastrophes within the view of this school. Apart from surrealism, the artist has a group of other art work as realist or impressionist which originate from nature, colors and beauty of nature of Kurdistan in the villages and cities and gardens. He has a good participation in the public exhibitions in and outside of Kurdistan. He works in Directorate of Painting in Erbil as an employee and deals in close with the Kurdish artists. In addition to his main work, he also makes designs for art books and booklets. He’s presented great service to the artists of Kurdistan and he’s done the designing for most of the booklets for the exhibitions in Medya Hall in Erbil. 

By Ashti Garmiyani

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