Administrative Reforms… Human Reforms

By | Gazi Hassan

Kurdistan Region Presidency announced in a statement the projects, decisions and steps taken for the administrative reforms. Among the information published was a large number of violations and abusing of public property and power for personal enrichment, and revealing a large number of corruption cases, and more importantly, taking proper legal and transparent actions for settling corruption matters. Large part of the problems happened in Kurdistan Region are related to corruption, hereby, carrying out reform in the domains that’ve been affected by corruption is a difficult national duty, but a good step for many political, administrative, economic and even moral problems. 
These steps are publicly supported, majority of people, who are harmed by corruption, do not only support the process, but also politically and socially empower the parties, groups and personalities that put the steps into practice for fighting corruption. Corruption has infected many social aspects. It has even influenced the culture and the psychological component of individuals in some respects. 
Reform is eliminating the factors of wrongdoings, which are directly or indirectly linked to corruption or abusing of power and exploiting the circumstances and public property for personal interests. Reform, before anything else, is a revision of the social and political circumstances of the society, especially the tendencies, components and factors that are related to the politics and individuals. In other words, reform is a general process, the power that becomes the source of power that would eventually regenerate a new modern spiritual political power that enhance confidence and principles of legal and lawful actions and would have an army of healthy human resources at its disposal.  
Reform does not only cover the material aspect of recovering the billions, public lands, reducing departments and directorates of government and their wages, but also includes the spiritual and psychological aspect of humans too. People, who are small minority from  the society that have exploited the opportunities for self-enrichment will go before court as defendants, Other people who form the majority of the society would be delighted with hope and would benefit from not abusing public resources. 
I think along with the reform, reforming humans would be the main and an important aspect of the process, because during the past quarter of a century, within the Kurdish self-governing, people in Kurdistan have witnessed changes, ups and downs and even devastation in social and psychological spheres. We should not forget that the traditions and negative culture that were a taboo and prohibited before 1991 uprising, now, due to legalizing some corruption aspects, puts the human, as the main target for reforms, in focus.  Treating humans is an important process within the reform. Therefore, human reforms and administrative reforms should go hand in hand.

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