KRG Denies Torturing ISIS Child Soldiers

On February 2, 2017 Foreign Policy Magazine published a report titled “The Kurdish Government Is Torturing Boys” regarding child suspects of terrorism arrested in the Kurdistan Region, and the report accused the Kurdistan Regional Government for torturing the arrested boys.
In this regard, the High Committee for Evaluating and Responding to International Reports stated that according to law, torturing detainees and the sentenced for the purpose of admission and information is considered a crime. Police officers are strictly forbidden to torture detainees. Consistent with Article 333 in the amended Iraqi Penal Code, no 11 (1969), any detainee tortured during investigation, is by law entitled to request and appeal against the torturer supported by (Article 19/ three) of the Federal Iraqi Constitution. Yet, at times, the suspects are encouraged pretending that they have been tortured by Police officers. 
Any detainee who has legal age or is underage is detained under a judicial decision relevant to his case. The detainee will not be tortured under any condition and are not treated inhumanely. Each detainee is additionally entitled to a twice a week visit by accredited INGOs such as International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
Moreover, any detainee is allowed to raise any appeal they have through the prison’s administration, general attorney, through their relatives when they visit, or through prisoners’ rights organizations like ICRC. In another case, any displaced children entering Kurdistan Region without their parents, which are usually the case, are given necessary services and good treatment by the refugee camps management and all other counterparts in the field. They are given necessary services of education, social services and art craft lessons. 

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