Will the US Re-enter the Precarious Middle East?

By | Gazi Hassan

In his first week since he took office, the new US President Donald Trump started with issuing threats and decisions of holding visa to seven Muslim-majority countries. He appeared with three plans and political discourse in regards to the Middle East; the first one is creating buffer zone in Syria. Second, a positive revision of its relations with Saudi Arabia, and third is warning Iran of its foreign policy in the area. 
And in undercover, visa halting to Iraq and working for blocking political leader’s money in US banks and delaying Al-Abbadi’s visit to Washington, then the issue of the expenses of Iraqi war and their disapproval of Iran’s role in Iraq would put the circumstances in front of many new options. That could be Trump’s another new important policy in the area. 
Many people described Obama’s policy in the region as recessing. This diplomacy gave chances to Iran and Russia to be empowered in the area, even Turkey was about to rebel against the US because of its internal problems and failure of achieving its agenda in Syria. This was implications of a declining US role, position and values in the area. 
Following Trump’s entry to the White House, many aspects of foreign policy will be revised. It’s true that he calmed the situation down during his speech addressing China, but the issue is heading towards more tension and escalation in the Middles East. The Iranians can’t keep their concern hidden. Trump seems to be intending to put a limit to Iran’s dominance and authority in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain and Lebanon. This does not only affect Iran, but the militias it’s supporting would be forced to step back.  The parties and political groups who’ve built their agendas based on Iran’s power and role will have to reconsider their accounts. The moderate Sunni Arabs front may take a sigh of relief amid these changes. 
Trump doesn’t want US to be solely in favor of the outside, but he rather wants to use outside in favor of US economy and policy. Honest and truthful onset with his tough diplomacy to always give opportunity to softness ahead. He attacks to equalize dominance and compromise. He doesn’t compromise so as to be left without chances of an attack. 
The issue in Iraq is complicated. The Iraqi internal fronts have been divided into the regional powers, especially Iran as it plays a direct and effective role on decision making and structure of Iraq. Trump’s policy doesn’t seem to get on well with this tendency. Although there’s no endless static in politics, but the situation implies that Trump’s US would be adventurous, thrilling and full of surprises. All these changes will base on economy, revenue and regaining US economic power. Amid this, Iraq will need new identification, system and mentality. Iraq can’t continue keep hands in US pockets and let Iran make decision for it. 

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