The Young Kurdish Painter Rawand Jaafar

The Young Kurdish Painter Rawand Jaafar 
Rawand Jaafar is a young Kurdish painter born in Erbil in 1993. He completed the Institute of Fine Arts in 2008 and The Academy of Fine Arts in 2013. So far he has taken part in 16 various exhibitions. He opened his solo exhibition in 2012, and he’s now a teacher in the Private Lawik Institute of Art. 
This time’s selection of a young artist goes back to Rawand’s academic and skillful work in materializing the topics and forms and composing the colors in an academic form, which has grabbed artist's and audiences’ attention. When I was wandering through Medya Gallery and observing his 35 artwork in his solo exhibition, I got the impression that they were very attractive. This made me understand that one artist’s development and creativity do not solely depend on the number of years of experience. It’s the quality of his works which is important not the quantity. If we take a detailed look at Rawand’s works, we see many aspects and artistic principles worth mentioning, including academics which is a well-based school of painting. This will reveal the beauty of art and the level of the artist’s success in his work.  The nature and mountains of Kurdistan and Kurdish culture have been composed intelligently in his work. He sometimes uses contrasting colors that has taken audiences’ attention. Linking academics with realist-expressionism expands the form of ideas and thoughts of the artist.
Now as a young teacher, he intends to improve the students’ ability to perform their work and on the other side demonstrate a high value of the art. His use and choice of color resemble the reality and the nature, for example, the nature of mountains of Kurdistan such as Rawanduz, Korek, Erbil Citadel, Hareer Plain. The nature of the country has become bases of his work. Carrying out these in large measures has magnified the view in the eyes of the audience. 
Rawand has put the experience of design, watercolour, oil color and academic into his works. He’s achieved precision.  The young artist has been influenced by the international artists as he studied the history of art and figured out the styles and forms that the international artists used, especially in the golden era, which is the Renaissance period. 
If Ranwand’s drawings were in a museum, they would receive much attention and preservation and would be valued in the galleries. Rawand’s activities expresse his deep interest and ambition in his own works.Teaching a generation has become a professional work of art that creates a group d youth that would be able to lay the foundation of the academic art of Kurdistan. 
Sketching and planning for new ideas is not always easy. The artist many times use the nature and visit a certain place to draw a detailed and accurate design for composing them in a 3 or 4 meters drawings, then the colors give life to the drawings.  All these details gathered in a place where form and composition complete one another.

By Ashti Garmiyani

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