For the Kurds there is no alternative only unification!

By | Gazi Hassan

Media always play negative role in conveying and broadcasting information, this might be a rewarding profession for a journalist, when he doesn’t want to mention news of unity, cohesion and understanding. This is because they’ve got the audience get used to the melody and notion that good news is no longer called news, but rather information about bad, depressive, decayed war and chaos are real news. 
The happier the political parties are with the KDP and PUK’s closeness attempts, the more concerned they are. Some of them believe that any closeness of the two parties in Kurdistan Region would result in marginalizing the others, or shrinkage under the pressure of PUK and KDP’s agreement and cooperation’s impact. They criticize the current role of both parties in their media, even accuse them of causing the schism of plans and agendas in Baghdad and the Region. 
Our main question is that, if the Kurds don’t unify and prioritize internal cohesion and unity over every other thing then what should they do? Donald Trump may restructure the area towards a new system. Trump is not content with Iran’s policy, and is not confident of Baghdad government and basically has problems with US policy in Iraq. He claims creating a buffer zone in Syrian Rojava ,Peshmerga is on agenda for this purpose. He provides the Rojava fighters with military support. In the first move, Turkey will back Trump, Saudi and US also seem to be in cooperation and coordination in this regard. So what might happen with Russia and Iran? In the second, Iran mighthave no choice but to use its armed Shia militias and its allies in the area such as the Shias of Baghdad, the Hezbollah in Lebanon, the PKK, some Kurdish parties, and the Syrian Government. 
How much will Donald Trump be able to treat the Iraqi components equally and trustfully in the new equation that he wants to draw? In his first decision regarding halting visa for the Iraqis raised Baghdad’s concerns, and angered Iran too. Have the political parties in Kurdistan Region ever thought that Trump is an aggressor and doesn’t take any conscience and moral matters into account for his work, but rather the strategic and economic interests are basis of his thoughts? He insists on the US internal equations, solving refugee crisis, returning the economic and financial resources back and the leading companies to US and making capitalistic decisions rather than socialistic. 
Kurds are in front of a crucial juncture. They either should work for unifying their agendas and plans with a realistic insight within a new era to form an understanding on the basis of sharing power, revenue, role and agreeing on not returning to the problems and caring about past events, instead, they should be thinking about tomorrow, which doesn’t seem to be an easy and unproblematic ones. So if they don’t agree on issues of independence, governing Kurdistan Region, dealing with the regional issues and the Kurdish question in other parts of Kurdistan, they should expect deeper problems and disagreements. Then, may be a crucial power will unify us. If not, we will be doomed by the rapidly unfolding events in the region. 

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