No Matter What, We are Heading for Independence !

By | Gazi Hassan

All those hate the Kurds, accuse them of not being submissive to their rule and following their wishes. The main purpose in following their wishes is of course enslaving the Kurds. Those who love Kurds, fearing the racist and fascist enemies, are shyly warning the Kurds to “be aware of the time, and make agreements with your enemies regarding achievement of your rights.” This sort of stupid and pathetic words. When USA gained independence, did the great empire of Britain present them bunches of flowers and negotiated with them, or, did only 13 States sign on the declaration of independence in the beginning? 
When Egypt was freed, did the French propose them monarchic thrones, or disagreements and tensions? When Libya was liberated, were not rivers of blood caused to flow by the Italians or rivers of honey? When Syria and Lebanon gained independence, were they given oil and bread and money by France or started anti-hunger war? When Iran nationalized oil, did Britain give weapons, tanks and artillery to them, or chaos?
For all the nations of Ottoman Empire, when they became independent states, did the Ottoman Pasha (kings) leave their countries peacefully, or brought them catastrophes and crises in his trail?
Kurds are now in war against terrorism. The Peshmerga have turned Kurdistan into an officially recognized state. And beyond the frontlines, Hashd Al-Shaabi is being prepared, while some Kurdish parties speak against the nation. They have started a war full of chaos and concerns about the impending statehood of Kurdistan. PKK, on the other hand, intends to implant political mines in the Kurdistan Region.
Kurdistan Region is moving from war to another threat, from a conflict to another trouble… what’s the threat? Whenever Kurdistan takes a unified stance, its enemies fall into barbaric and serious fights. Whenever KDP and PUK and other parties reached an agreement or an understanding, then mines of pressure and chaos is blown off by the enemy. 
In politics, it’s utmost stupidity to ask the occupiers establish you a state, or to improve the life of your people and provide security and stability to them. In politics, it is self-deceit and killing the spirit of citizenship if you think your enemies would build you a paradise. 
The Kurdistan Region is a de facto state now, but some parties prefer to live in enemy’s hell but not see President Barzani’s great roles and position. Some want to deceive people saying that the Region’s enemies provide them with food, income and salaries, if they carry out an uprising against the Kurdish authority. The Kurdistan Region enjoys an honor of a state, but only if the politicians want to understand the honor. Kurdistan Region is a paradise full of promises. There are severe disagreements, political differences, injustice and corruption, but the enemies are ready to present us their own hell respectfully, providing that we thank them and offer them our subordination. But not to forget, an independent hell, a free state is more honorable than a paradise of enslavement. I see then, the KRG’s leadership has no intention to go back to the occupiers’ paradise. According to some politically narrow-sighted and immature figuress, we’re heading towards the hell of independence, while we know well that independence has its difficulties, obstacles and hardships. We only need to overcome them. 

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