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United State is a One of the most populated and powerful countries in the world, the United States of America is the third largest country, with a total land area of about 3,794,066 square miles. The United States is situated between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, bordered by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. The nation's capital is Washington DC. 

With a population of about 311,591,917, the United States is also the third most populous country in the world. Almost 79% of the entire American population lives in urban areas. New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Phoenix are the five most populated cities of the United States. While the United States is a diverse nation, the majority of Americans are descended from European immigrants, and African Americans are the largest minority group, followed by Asian Americans. The United States is a federation of fifty states and one federal district, Washington, District of Colombia. Forty-eight of the fifty states make up the contiguous United States, and Alaska, while still part of the North American continent, is separated from the lower forty-eight by Canada. The fiftieth state, which entered the union most recently, is Hawaii, a chain of islands located in the Pacific Ocean. The United States also possesses five major unincorporated overseas territories: Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands in the Pacific.
The current two-party political system has encouraged the rise of the most extreme candidates, taking rational moderates out of the national conversation. The current two party system gives too much power to the extremists in each party. Much of that is actually institutional in nature. So, for example, the primary system means that in a lot of states, independent voters are essentially unrepresented in choosing the two candidates who are going to appear on the general election ballot. So each party spits out more extreme candidates than would be elected if all of us chose our top two preferences.







On the House side at least, we're gerrymandering electoral districts. Once you do that, you're more likely to get challenged by someone who's even more liberal [or conservative] than you are. So, therefore, as a member of Congress you're always protecting your more conservative or more liberal flank. it's not enough to describe yourself as not a Republican  or not a Democrat." That's what independents do. There's a large and growing segment of the American population that describes themselves that way. But it's hard to organize people who describe themselves as "not something." The Centrist Party stands for a series of principles that I would argue take the best of each party. The Centrist Party stands for keeping what we like about the Republicans and Democrats and cutting off the tails. The tails, unfortunately, are those who tend to be in charge of the system right now. Some think the system is broken.. And I think most people are going to say yes it’sbroken. Are you prepared to do something about it? It really comes down to the kind of people who are expressing how unhappy they are at backyard barbecues and church picnics getting mobilized around a different way of doing things.





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