The Card of the PKK and Narrowness in Politics!

By | Gazi Hassan

In recent years, the public civil struggle and movement in Northern Kurdistan served PKK as an armed force a great deal, whilst the civil struggle has caused disputes in their view regarding the future of their public position in Kurdistan. The people who were about to establish the rights, role and identity of Kurds in Turkey, were causing great concern and fear to the radical Turks and even put PKK into a different perspective, because if the peace and resolution process were to be carried on, the Kurdish question would usher into a positive outcome of settling. This would become a source of threat to many belligerent parties, so they made the war their best option. 
Following the recommencement of war between PKK and Turkey, Iran, Russia and other countries such as Syria and Shias of Iraq, and part of Kurdish parties in Kurdistan Region, each from their own perspective were urging PKK, instead of revising the shortcomings of the peace process and finding out better ways for a peaceful resolution of Kurdish question in Turkey. They used PKK’s card against the Turkish authority. PKK wants to take advantage of the disputes of those parties with Turkey. We see now Turkey and Russia have agreed on Astana meeting not to allow PYD, PKK’s branch in Syria, which enjoys tight relations with Iran, to take part is the meeting. As a response to Astana meeting, PYD calls it an international game and a failure. 
If KDP and PUK reached a tight and stable deal, PKK’s card would have little chance to survive. The card would be of two types. PKK would use some party’s stance inside Kurdistan Region against KRG, and also some parties use PKK against KDP in the internal conflict, while KDP will not hesitate in using its cards against the games playing against it. 
Iran has called on Saudi Arabia for cooperation in solving the problems and the conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Bahrain and other places. To what this Iran’s new stance is related? As the Saudi author Abdulrahman Al-Rashd says, that could relate to end of Obama administration and arrival of Trump, or should Iran really changed its policy and intends to cooperate with Saudi, or just pretending to the public opinion that instead of using armed forces, it is heading towards cooperation and understanding? 
If Iran and Saudi started to build cooperation, and Russia no longer supported Iran and Syria, and US and Russia worked towards further understanding and political solution in Middle the East, what would happen to PKK’s card? Because it seems that Turkey would do some compromises for Russia, Ira, Israel and even the government of Bashar Alassad for the sake of maintaining its regional role and position. These compromises for these countries are partly related to the future of PKK in Syria, Northern Kurdistan and elsewhere.  
There’s optimism in war, as there’s no hope in surrendering. Peace and stability couldn’t be achieved with prisons, peace is guaranteed by achieving the civil rights and ending violence. The only fruitful solution is what Kurdistan Region President, Massoud Barzani, is calling for, which silencing PKK and Turkey’s guns, with recognition of rights of Kurds and finding a peaceful solution for the benefit of all. 

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