The Kurdish Artist Avan Sadeeq

The Kurdish painter Avan Sadeeq is one of the woman artists who has continued to perform her art activities in Kurdistan as well as Germany. She’s now studying in Mainze College of Fine Arts. The beginning of Ms. Avan’s career goes backs to Kurdistan when art was at the utmost level of progress and contemporary art became a basis for all artistic activities. She started from the abstract forms of art.  The nature and Kurdish culture have been the source of her works. Avan showcased her work in the galleries of Kurdistan, especially in the Zamwa, Sardam and Museum in Sulaimania. This was a phase in her life. After her immigration to Germany, changes happened to her art . She transferred from one school of art into another, with reflection of modern art in her new products.  Mixing photography with painting is a good example of her new work. She even adopted the academic principles in her compositions. In regard to materials, she’s used the colors of gouache, acrylic, oil and collage. Painting academic Portraits is part of Avan’s artistic projects.  Her art’s identity is Kurdish, and always shows her posters and work as a Kurdish artist. Part of her work is collage, which is seen as a special prospective, as if it connects the humans, or ties the problems within a specific framework. She has tried to mix different techniques together to consequently produce an art which gives a sense of modernity.  

By Ashti Garmiyani

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