Power Struggle Drags Iraq to the Brink of Failure and Dissolution

By | Gazi Hassan

Last week, during a visit he paid to Iran, Nuri Al-Maliki met with Iranian officials and made a statement in which he threatened Peshmerga and the Kurdistan Region. Couldn’t Baghdad just ask in what prospective and authority Al-Maliki is issuing those statements? In practice, Al-Maliki is acting like Prime Minister of Iraq while Al-Abbadi is a partisan actor and a powerless listener. Washington Post has reported that Haidar Al-Abbadi has failed to  commit to his promises in terms of national reconciliation. On the contrary, the Parliament was permitted to take steps to hitting the Kurdish and Sunni Arab leaders, which of course hindered the reconciliation. There’s a power centre in Baghdad which actually carries out the basic affairs of politics, administration and decision making. Every time Al-Maliki is going to Iran, he starts to issue inflammatory statements against KRG instead of correcting his previous political faults and make amends insted. It’s unknown whether this is Iran’s policy or part of the doomed mentality of Al-Maliki himself. 
Al-Maliki warns from Iran that bad news is ahead, indicating to post-ISIS era, and that the Kurdistan Region's authority should be limited in the areas newly liberated by Peshmarga forces. He directly said that the Peshmerga should withdraw to the pre-2003 borders. The KRG Ministry of Peshmerga’s response came immediately without any delay saying “based on joint agreement between us, Iraq and the USA, all the areas liberated by Peshmerga prior to Mosul Operation are not  negotiable, and those liberated within the operation would be decided upon by the local people through referendum.”
Al-Maliki, who hanged Saddam Hussein, is now intending to reactivate the same old laws, that is a constitutional violation. At the same time, Al-Abbadi seems not to utilize, at least politically, the total harmonious coordination between Peshmarga and the Iraqi army in defeating ISIS. Rather, because of his weakness, he’s subjected to the will of people such as Al-Maliki. He too has issued statement against KRG’s oil export. Everyone understands the classical political games played by the Shiite authorities against Kurds, but I don’t yet believe that some Kurdish parties, which try to take Kurdish local disagreements to Baghdad, have yet understood the evil consequence of too much reliance on our adversaries.  
News reveals that Al-Maliki’s purpose of visiting Iran was to acquire arms to the PMU (Hashd Al-Shaabi). Another Shiite leader, Muhandis, who says Hezbollah are providing them with training, is in Russia seeking arms to PMU. And PMU is carrying out military maneuver in Anbar Province. Is there anyone wondering why Baghdad has remained silent of the dangerous acts of Shiite militias which are brining heavy and light weaponry illegally into Iraq. Does Baghdad have enough power to stop them? 
Al-Maliki’s threats come hand in hand with the weak and wicked policy of Baghdad, which lacks capability to put a limit to the unlawful acts of Shiite groups in Iraq. 
So whenever we ask Iraq to where? We should give examples of Al-Maliki’s speeches and acts, and see PMU as source of threat and danger on security, coexistence and a civilized country. It’s a big lie if we believe that Shiites can run a rational government far from a total hegemony. Quite the opposite, they’re moving rapidly towards a big political abyss. And this time it will lead to the failure of Iraq as a state.  

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