KRG could export gas to the EU by 2019, says representative

The Kurdistan Region could export enough gas to Europe to cover a significant amount of its energy needs by 2019, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) representative to the European Union said to Asharq Al-Awsat in an interview published Tuesday (August 2).
Rep. Delavar Ajgeiy said the Kurdistan Region could provide “the bulk” of EU needs in terms of gas before the end of the decade as the region continues to develop its oil and gas sector despite a slump in global energy prices and exploration inside Kurdistan.
“The KRG may not be able to secure all of Europe’s needs, but it can, according to the Europeans’ opinion, secure the bulk of their needs in the future,” Ajgeiy said in the interview.
Gas exports would transfer through Turkey before arriving in Europe, which he added would be beneficial for Ankara and could be used as a “political card” in the future.
Kurdish officials have been in talks with their neighbors to the east – Iran – to develop energy relations and gas exports
A KRG delegation was in the Iranian capital, Tehran, earlier this year for talks on a deal to export the region’s oil and gas.
"A new amity was assigned after a meeting between the KRG delegation and Iran's Ministry of Oil," Erbil’s representative to Tehran, Nazim Dabagh, told NRT in April.
The KRG Ministry of Natural Resources’ most recent exports report (June 2016) stated that net gas production for the month averaged 311.9 mmscfd per day and 9,356 mmscf for the month.


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