Last updated: Sunday, 19 April 2015, 04:23 GMT

KRG, US and Turkey strongly condemned Ankawa car attack

Erbil, Washington and Ankara promised to continue confronting terrorism hand in hand to eradicate and defeat Islamic State and its...

President Barzani heads KDP and PUK politburo meeting
On April 14, the President of Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani, headed a...
Masrour Barzani and Canadian Ambassador discuss bilateral relations
Masrour Barzani called on the Canadian Ambassador to Iraq and Jordan Bruno...
KRG spokesperson responds to a PKK leader
Reference to the recent statements by Duran Kalkan,
member of the...
Kurdistan to adjust constitution and solve presidential issues before mid-August
Many of the political parties suggest to adopt parliamentary system just...
-Deadly Erbil bombing a reminder for the Kurds of the pains of remaining in Iraq
-UK Foreign Office statement on Anfal Memorial Day
- Maliki's Illegal Land Confiscations
-Nijaifi: Tikrit burned and looted after liberation
-Ocalan asks PKK fighters to end armed struggle against Turkey
-Senior delegation from Ministry of Peshmerga visited Baghdad
-ISIS and Shiite militia groups may have perpetrated serious crimes
-Bulgaria and Kurdistan to boost ties
-Kurdistan has world's 8th oil and gas reserves
-Gas prices drop in Kurdistan
-The Kurdish Painter Rostam Zada
-The Kurdish painter Waleed Agha
-Lionel Messi ranks top in 2015
-Djokovic wins INDIAN WELLS
-The Kurdish film "Where is the Land?"
-The Kurdish film "Zara"
Deadly Erbil bombing a reminder for the Kurds of the pains of remaining in Iraq
Changing the system of government of Kurdistan or dividing it further?